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The Big SleepOut

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

Anyone visiting our great capital may find it difficult to reconcile the fact that, in one of the world’s richest countries, nearly 3,000 people are sleeping rough!

As winter approaches, and the evenings become noticeably more frosty, I have become increasingly aware/concerned about the ever-growing numbers of vulnerable people sleeping on the streets.

Last weekend I was out shooting in the heart of London’s West End and, on my journey home, I couldn’t help but notice the stark contrast between some of London’s most wealthy inhabitants and those who are completely destitute. In that moment, I decided to document what I was seeing, paying particular attention to the setting and how desensitised people have become to seeing homelessness.

On 30th November, I am shooting for the charity ‘Trinity Homeless Project’ to cover an event called #TheBIGSleepOut 2018. This event will raise money to support homeless causes and increase awareness and sensitivity about how it feels to sleep rough on the street. When I have finished photographing this event, I will be joining hundreds of volunteers, braving the night in a cardboard box and sleeping bag! (*This experience is in a controlled environment, so it’s nowhere near the real deal, but aims to give you a taste). If this isn’t for you, then come along and be entertained by live bands before the lights go out. Russell Brand is a patron of the charity and will also be attending.

You can also help me to raise money using the link below: Sponsor me

Click the link for more info: The BIG SleepOut

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